Easy Implementation Road Map For Your School:
For entire project implementation, following is the brief plan and methodology to be followed by Astral team in a very friendly collaboration with the college administration.
  • Pre-Requirement Analysis:
    After Need Assessment, proposal with College specific solution and implementation plan is given
  • Implementation Plan:
    Entire project is generally broken down in 3 phases for Advance and Premium packages. Each phase involving requirement analysis, designing, implementation, testing and training.
  • Detailed Requirement Analysis:
    Complete understanding in initial stage will help team to design a system compatible with future requirements and changes. A comprehensive SRS (Software Requirement Specification) will be developed after this.SRS will include all the functional, technical and interface related requirements of the College as suggested by module coordinators, its direct or indirect users and administration.
  • Designing and verification of the proposed integrated system
  • Design of process diagram of various College activities, design of overall architecture of the system, database design & user interface design.
  • Development and prototyping
  • It will involve Customization of existing application of company and also development of new modules.
  • Implementation of modules
  • Software installation on users systems, data collection or data import.
  • Training
    Training to users in phases and feedback for further improvements