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Advantages of Library Management System

I remember, when we were studying in the University, everything starting from list of book categories till the books and fines were managed in different registers. Each task was assigned a register for each academic year. This was just increasing the work of the library manager or the librarians, stationery costs and time.
With the increasing advancement of cutting-edge technologies, like tabs and mobiles, the Library Management has become very simple and easy to use. The Library Management System allows you to manage all the activities and work related to library on one platform.
The web based Library Management System is very important in the present scenario to deliver content and resources to students, faculty and staff. All the details of the books such as author name, edition, etc, can be managed with our online solution.

Advantages of Our Campus Library Management System

All the educational institutions should know following advantages of the Library Management System:

  • Record Maintenance
  • Web-Based Solution
  • Saves Time and Cost
  • Secure and Reliable
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Simple and Easy to Use
    • Record Maintenance

All records related to the book issued and return deadline can managed by the authorised personnel. The system also allows to record the fine received from the student in the same platform, which eases the work of reporting for the Library department.

    • Web-Based Solution

As the system is web based, no installation is required. An educational institution only requires a desktop or tab or mobile and an internet connection for the authorised personnel to login with the provided credentials.

    • Saves Time and Cost

It eliminates paper-based processes and reduces operation costs and saves time of the library management. So, library will become free of number of registers and files.

    • Secure and Reliable

The paper based process might incur data loss, however in case of Library Management System, it is much secure and reliable. Only the authorised personnel can login to the system and use it.

    • Increases Efficiency

The library management system enables the authorised personnel to keep proper records of all details of the books like author, edition, copies, issue and return dates and various fines that are charged. The system automatically calculates the fine as per the set parameters in it.

    • Simple and Easy to Use

The system is very user-friendly and easy to use. You do not need to be an IT professional to handle it.

The Library is one of the vital department in every educational institution, and each institutions have different needs. We do not restrict the system to particular pre-developed features and the system can be customised as per the requirement.

You can also look into the Student Management System, that consists Library Management as part. The Student Management System software will enable you to manage day to day administrative work of the educational institution.

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Why School, College Need Admission Management System 2019

Are you a school or a college struggling to manage large number of student admission process through conventional methods?

If yes then don’t worry. Student admission management system software like Our Campus offer seamlessly easy to use tools that can resolve your important school management task i.e. student admission. Admission Management System allows you to manage the admissions easily along with student’s basic details, emergency contact information, immigration details, academic history, fee details’ and documents are submitted or pending, etc.

The system can manage data starting from potential enquiry up till after the students pass out from the institute. The major purpose for the development of the system is to provide support to administrative department of the institution, also the students to make the admission procedure faster and easier.

Advantages Of Admission Management System Software

Let us take a look at some of the advantage of the admission management system:

  • 24 x 7 Online software system:
    The administrative department can access and work on the system anytime.
  • Worldwide access:
    One can access the system from anywhere in the world using mobile as well. Also functionality to provide restricted access is also available.
  • Handle complete admission process:
    The admission department can manage all the data right from they receive an enquiry until after the student passes out of the institution.
  • Reduces Paperwork:
    No piles of forms and other paperwork. This saves a lot of institution resources.
  • User friendly system:
    One does not need to be an IT professional to handle the system, only basic computer knowledge is required. UI provided is extremely easy to use.

These are some basic benefits of the system. There is a long list of advantages of it and I am sure, the features of the system will help one to understand more about the need of the online system.

Features of Student Admission Management System

School College Student Admission Management System Software

    • Admission Management

The aim of the system is to support admissions from the moment a potential applicant becomes interested in the institution to the time they pass out from the Institute. It saves 70% of administration’s time on the admission process and also tracks students as alumni.

    • Fee Management System

Our fee management system software ensures the hassle-free and paperless fee management. The institute can receive fees and generate receipt from the system, create fees installments, give discounts and add fine & charges which will be directly reflected under the ledger of the student’s profile.

    • Assessment Management System with Grading System

To build and sustain the integrity of Institute, one needs a fair evaluation and student appraisal system. The faculty can upload assignments with deadlines and can give them grades after the student submits through their portal.

    • Attendance Management

Attendance management is most vital requirement of any Institution. Now a days all institutions also grade students as per their attendance percentage. This system will allow one to keep a track on the students attendance with a good biometric integration as well as reporting system.

    • Staff Management

Schools not only have the students but also institutions need to manage their staff whether teaching or non-teaching. The admission management system also allows you manage and store all details related to the staff, including the leaves and documents.

    • Library Management

Every Institution includes Library in their campus and it is very important to manage all the books issued, reissued and received and relevant fines incurred. The system must allow one to work on all these aspects to make the everyday library work easier.

The above are some major features of the system that are a must to be look upon while dealing with an admission management system. An institution requires more than the above and there is one system that fulfils all these plus can be customised as per the requirement of the Institution.

Our Campus – It simplifies the school and college processes while conveniently bringing administrators, teachers, and students together. It features components for computing, compiling and managing finances, student records & other institute management processes, all in one place.

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Advantages of Attendance Management System Software

Attendance Management System Software

The education industry is rapidly evolving by new technologies that exist to create efficiencies in the daily routine of an institute. Adapting to modern technology has not only proven effective in saving time but also transforms the work environment. All the educational institutions are emphasising on the student attendance. Maximum schools also allot grades based on attendance. Hence, keeping a paper trail for the regular attendance for the students for an year (attendance management) and then calculating the annual average attendance of each student manually, seems to be a very hectic job for the school administrators.

The Attendance Management Systems will help all the educational institutions to maintain the attendance either biometrically or entering it manually, however the remaining time taking tasks of reporting will be done by the system.

Schools, sometimes are not able to meet the expectations of parents because of the unorganized manual attendance management system, hence the attendance management system improves productivity of an institution.

Advantages of Attendance Management System Software

Let us go through a quick overview of how attendance management system can improve your day to day routine in a educational institute:

  • Ensures Safety
  • Accurate records
  • System Flexibility
  • Productivity & Efficiency
  • Environment & User Friendly

  • Ensures Safety
  • The system ensures safety of students as educational institution’s authority will be able to track and monitor attendance and notify parents of uninformed absence or contact the student directly to check on them. The constant updates from the authorities help parents or guardians to be at peace knowing the students are in the safe zone.

  • Accurate records
  • The basic importance is accuracy of the attendance records. Manual entries will take weeks and months to process every data, and it might end up incorrect due to an human error. The biometric devices records the data accurately and this thereby helps to provide accurate performance data.

  • System Flexibility
  • In today’s global, well-connected environment, the educational institutions have various campuses. The system allows the educational institution to keep a track of all the staff and student from different campuses which in turn gives you an overview of all the branches in one system.

  • Productivity & Efficiency
  • A biometric system decreases staffing overhead, saves employees’ time and increase the efficiency. The system will help in real-time tracking of leaves, absenteeism and automated calculation of all these parameter accrued.

  • Environment & User Friendly
  • The attendance management system help all educational institutions to reduce paperwork and, save time and money with the cloud based system. The attendance system can expand effortlessly and the institutions can introduce new features upon necessity.

You can check out our website to learn more about the student management system and if you need any further information, you can contact us at

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