Why should you use Education software in your institution?

Why should you use Education software in your institution?

The impact of an effective and efficient school management software is a focused and well-managed institution. Apart from what it has to offer an institution there is a lot on offer for the learners as well. A software program is capable of empowering students as well as it is capable of imparting learning to anyone from anywhere. It gives an atmosphere to learn individually and independently.

There are various functionalities and features of an effective education software for an institution. Look at some wonderful reasons for institutions to switch to an education software.

Reasons for an Institute to implement student Management Software

  1. Enhanced Learning Experience:
    Educational software used in an Institution can make learning interesting while beating all traditional means of learning. Through interactive and involved learning the student are able to learn better and perform well in their exams. A win-win situation for both the students and the institutions.
  2. Multi-Sensory Involvement:
    Using the educational software on computer or a tablet device involves a student to use many senses at ones thereby building the knowledge base as well as keeping them active. It stimulates learning and helps in promoting hand-eye coordination which is also helpful for students to practice good handwriting.
  3. Mediums of Learning:
    Including games and puzzles for intensified learning also encourages students to solve problems. Thereby the students become confident and successively they can figure out solutions to routine problems easily and sort them out on their own without any external help.
  4. Promotes Creativity:
    The use of School Management Software in schools offers interactive learning options through which they can further explore more. So instead of just reading a book, with the use of School management software the students can learn better and faster.
  5. Complete Learning Experience:
    The school management software offers a good scope of learning to everyone, as each student has a different learning capability. So, the education software works best for student evaluation as a guide for teachers. An educational software offers an individual the opportunity to learn at its own pace and under their own control. Doing this, helps students in pushing themselves while not being affected by the timeline of others.

Technology is supposed to evolve us from our traditional existence. Similarly, the educational system is changing, and it is high time that we adopt to the newer opportunities faster so we can stay ahead of the time. A school management software is the need of the institutions, students and the teachers for a complete and effective management cycle. Moreover, it makes easier for the management to take control of all the activities right from their desk. This is equally beneficial for top to bottom management and student to faculty.

We have been creating custom school management software for our clients as per their specific requirements. We would be glad to create a custom software for your institution as well. To know more about how we can help you implement one in your institution write to us at

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Why should you use School Management Software in your School?

Why should you use School Management Software in your School?

In today’s world, everyone is completely dependent on the various forms of technologies that save their time and energy. The foremost example of such a technology is the development of the computer systems that has the potential to scale up the employment of an individual or organization. As a result, it minimizes efforts and additionally saves times. Although, below are a few indicators of the impact of School Management Software on the business.

  1. Improves Work Performance Quality

    Institution like school/college is always involved in various activities at different levels. It requires a good amount of involvement in terms of their time and efforts. Such a wide range of activities require huge expenditures to figure out a solution. As a measure, various institutions are incorporating School Management Software just to ensure their organizational system works efficiently, easily and saves time. Even more the implementation of school management software helps save a lot while helping on the allocation of the resources rightly.

  2. Helps You Go Paperless. Green. Hassle-free.

    School Management program has the potential to go paperless. An institution may say goodbye to all the paperwork management, energy, and expenses for the physical documentation. Schools have a wide range of requirements from receipts to student records, exam paper to reports and many other important documentations. To access these documents physically when required is hectic. Whereas virtual documentation make things quite easier and less time consuming. In case of School management software, the data is safely stored online and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime only by the assigned individuals.

    Additionally, performance management system is helpful in evaluating student performance periodically. Performance evaluation, if done physically, is a hectic process and involves many working hours creating reports. But it is really simple to maintain virtually. Once aware of the tool one may even utilize several analysis tools to get a better perspective at the student’s learning and growth.

  3. Saving time

    Most importantly the staff saves heavy amount of time in creating records but also writing notes in the diaries for individual students. The students and their wards can now be simply updated about any important notice or dates from the school management in real time. Thus, with the implementation of the School Management Software in your organization you can simply switch to saving time, energy and money to be used in the development of the children.

  4. Saving Money

    The Admission Procedures of any school are very extensive and exhausting both for the management and the resources. There is huge data waiting to be verified and processed for further action. Additionally, there is huge asset value involved in the admission process. A school management software helps you ensure error-free and smooth operation throughout the organization. So, this single software can create receipts, generating reports and do everything related to database and records and more for the future with its analytics tools. A School management system is tailor-made for your school as per the specific requirements of your school.
    With an edge of analysis tool an institution can transform itself while learning about the key points of a business’ growth. To know more on how we can help you get a custom school management software for your school you can write to us at

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Role of Teachers in The Development of a Student’s Life

Role of Teachers in The Development of a Student's Life

The most important role in the lives of students in their classroom is Teacher’s. The teachers bear the responsibility of educating the children placed in their care. Although they play many other important roles in the classroom, teachers set the classroom tone, add some warmth to the environment, mentor and nurture student minds while being their role model, even listening to their problems and look for any signs of trouble in their learning as well as personal lives.

Imparting Knowledge

The main common role of a teacher remains teaching and opening minds of children. Usually, a curriculum is followed by the teacher which is set by the state guidelines. The curriculum helps in followed a defined path to ensure all important learning are imparted to the students during a session. Teachings happen in different ways such as through lectures, small group activities and hands-on learning activities.

Setting the Classroom Environment

Teachers are also important in setting the tone of the classroom when it comes to the environment. Usually, students mimic teachers. A warm and happy environment helps in maintaining healthy and happy environment for better and focused learning. A teacher could make the environment positive or negative. If the students sense anger in the teacher, they may react negatively and can impair the learning. Teachers are responsible for social behaviour in the classrooms. The behaviour is primarily a reflection of the actions of teachers and the environment set by them.

Becoming a Role Model

Teacher’s themselves don’t consider a role model, however they are the first role models of any student. While spending time through learning, experimenting and growing with time teacher often plays inspiring roles among children. Teachers do not only teach children but also give them love and care to grow and nurture their minds. Societies and communities highly respect teachers and they become role model for students and parents.


Mentoring comes naturally to the teachers, whether intentional or not. Mentoring also instills positive or negative effects on the children. It helps in encouraging students to make efforts for the best they can do. It also includes encouraging students to enjoy learning. A crucial part of mentoring is listening to the students. By taking time to listen to what students have to say, teacher impart a sense a ownership in the classroom. It apart from other elements helps in building their confidence and making them successful.

Looking for the Signs of Trouble

The most crucial part of a teacher’s role is being a protector. Teachers are taught to look for the signs of trouble in the students. In case of signs of behavioural change or physical signs of abuse are noticed, teachers must investigate the problem. Teachers must follow specified procedure to ensure following up on all signs of trouble.

Teachers are looked up as the leaders who are building minds and future of the students. As their primary role the teachers are responsible in ensuring a good learning and growing environment for a bright future of the nation.

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Student Result Management System In Schools & Colleges

Student Result Management System In Schools & Colleges

One thing that’s very certain about today’s youth is that get pissed pretty fast. The thing that pisses them the most is an out of order system. If you run an educational institution then you know what we’re talking about here. You don’t wanna piss off a student by making them stand in a line for their result or making them use an old result system. Furthermore, this thing can impact the reputation of your institute. But, thankfully there’s a way out of this. Here are a few reasons for you to have the best Student Result Management System out there:

Easy To Update

One of the major reasons for people to stick to their old systems is that they’re familiar with it. The School Result Management System takes this out of the equation. Subsequently, these systems are extensively easy to use and update. The hassle before declaring the results can be avoided with the help of these systems.

Faster Process

These systems make the process way faster than before. While they do the work to put the marks in order by themselves. Checking the results is a matter of seconds. This keeps the pace going throughout.

Student Convenience

One of the major pluses of the Student Result Management System is that it makes the process very convenient for students. The result can be checked from anywhere. Adding on to that, submission for re-evaluation and re-totalling becomes a cakewalk.

Easily Accessible

Implementing a School Result Management System makes the results easily accessible. To sum up, students can log in from wherever they want and from whichever device they want to check their result. The results can also be printed out for further use or saved as a PDF file. These extensive options add to the advantage of students in the long run.

The Student Result Management System is a very efficient and convenient system to use. It’s not only good for students but it also helps out the management which goes through a lot of pain to release the results in normal circumstances. If you’re looking to set up this system in the perfect possible way contact us at and we’ll help you set it up in the best way possible. A system can change the way how students see your institution.

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Needs For Student Behaviour Management In School

Needs For Student Behaviour Management In School by Ourcampus

If you run an educational institution you know one thing for sure, some students are rash. Moreover, students can do all kinds of stuff. The things you never thought they’ll do. This is the major reason for ever institute to have Student Behaviour Management in School. These systems are very easy to operate and can help make a difference in student behaviours.

Needs For Student Behaviour Management In School

Find the complete details for reasons to use student behaviour management in school with Our Campus software in 2019

  • Maintaining Records
  • Classroom Behaviour Management
  • Parent Notification
  • Punishment Tracker
  • Can Make Everyone Behave

Here are a few reasons you need a Behaviour Management System:

Maintaining Records

Although the school management very well knows the mischievous lot, this system helps maintain the records. At the end of the day, you need to know whose parents need to be summoned for a meeting. Furthermore, it also lets the students know that they’re under supervision which improves behaviour in many cases.

Classroom Behaviour Management

Most behavioural misconducts happen among peers who share classes. Moreover, a healthy class environment helps create a better learning environment. Furthermore, it helps avoid bullying to a certain extent. Student behaviour management in school can keep the mischievous lot in the radar and help create a safer environment for all.

Parent Notification

One of the best features of this system is that parents can check on their child’s status any time they want. Moreover, this makes students improve their behaviour.

Punishment Tracker

The Behaviour Management System is capable of tracking punishments. The system tracks every punishment ever which makes sure that the student doesn’t escape from his/her verdict. Subsequently, the fear of being tracked into punishment helps improve the behaviour of the students.

Can Make Everyone Behave

When your staff isn’t exactly behaving well, you can put them under this system as well. It can do everything for them as well. Furthermore, the system also lets you know the people with the best record.

Behaviour Management in School is very important. A system done right can change the future of many children. Classroom behaviour management has stopped many bullies right in their tracks. In conclusion, a system can change the way your students behave for the good. If you’re looking to set up a Behaviour Management System, why not do it right? Get in touch at and we’ll help you do the best you possibly can.

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Benefits of Academic Management Software for Schools/College

Benefits of Academic Management Software for Schools/College

Managing an education institute is one hell of a task. From looking after students to managing teachers. Furthermore, managing the finances of everything. Some of these tasks can go horribly wrong by a simple human error. To sum up, you need a helping hand in running and growing your institution. That’s where an Academic Management System comes in. These systems are mostly online and can be used for a lot of tasks. From bulk messaging your students to keep track of everyone’s attendance. Academic Management Software can do more than you can imagine. Here are a few reasons your institute needs this system:

Growing Workforce

Sometimes you end up hiring people for small things and then they add up to the pay-roll. In the same breath, if you get an Academic Management System it will cut into your workforce significantly. The guy you hired just to send information texts to students won’t be useful anymore and many more. Another positive of this system is that it helps you keep only the most valuable employees which further improves the standard of your institution.

Keep Track

One of the best features of these systems is that they’ll help you keep track of everything. From students to teachers. You’ll know how many days they weren’t in the institute and when they left early or arrived late. You’ll know where your money goes and which students are performing the best. The spectrum is so huge that it’s difficult to sum up.


Do you know what’s common between Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet? Apart from the money and software they’re all highly efficient. These are the three richest men in the world. Unsurprisingly, all three of them believe in efficiency. Subsequently, an Academic Management Software can provide your institute with that efficiency and the key to success. This software is designed to save your maximum time. The system presents to you the cleanest possible framework of your institute which helps you work efficiently.

If you’re looking to get an Academic Management System for your institute, feel free to contact us at and we’ll help you extensively.

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Necessity Of Student Portal For Your Education Institution

Necessity Of Student Portal For Your Education Institution

Back in the early 1900s students used to go to the institute to get their results. A lot has changed since then, the British don’t have an Empire that large and you can just log in to find out if you’ve failed or failed miserably. Just kidding. If you have an education institute you must have a Student Portal. There’s no exception to this.


Education is a business in the 21st century and running an institute is no less than fighting a war. Moreover, you always want to be the best. But, that’s not how the world works. In the day and age of fierce competition, you need to be technologically advanced. You know the dinosaurs didn’t survive, so don’t be one. An Education Management Software is something that can turn out to be the difference between you and your competitors. You don’t want your students to change 3 subway stops just to come and read the notice board. Making the students happy will always leave a positive mark about your institute


Offline department to department work is often messed up. Furthermore, it confuses the hell out of students. In the case of an Education Management Software, every department of office gets to add their own notice which keeps the students updated and the process hassle-free. This also saves time and helps avoid massive confusion. Plus it’s way too easy to do.

Student Information

One of the best features of School Management Software is that it stores student information. This benefits both the students and the management. The students can easily update their information on the server and the management can access it whenever they need it. It also scraps the offline hassle students have to go through again and again to update their information.


Setting up a School Management Software can be very cost-efficient if done right. It cuts down on labour in many ways and saves money here and there. The digitization of processes saves money in printing and paper. It’s also good for the environment.

A Student Portal can turn the fortunes of your institute for good. Don’t be a dinosaur. If your looking to get a Student Portal why not do it perfectly. Get in touch with us at for further assistance.

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How To Increase Parents & Teachers Involvement In Students Success With Ourcampus

How parents and teachers can involve in student success?

Studies suggest that children are more likely to get involved in learning and education rather than getting distracted by various other factors if their parents are involved in and support the learning process. Learn more on how to ensure success for students using Our Campus.

How parents and teachers can involve in student success?

Students in schools are expected to achieve more in holistic learning, perform better in studies, and have a higher growth rate whose parents are involved in the learning and support them from time to time. Additional research suggests that parental involvement is more important for a student’s success than family income or their educational qualifications. In addition to Our Campus System working for integration and better management of institutions, we are glad to get involved to create a better learning environment for student both at school and home.

We suggest institutions and faculties to let parents get involved in the overall learning of an individual apart from classroom learning. To encourage fruitful parents and teachers involvement, we have to make sure we follow a few set standards to achieve better success for our young generation. Here’s a list of activities we need focus on:

Create a bridge

  • Create a positive first contact with the parents
  • Keep simple and straightforward communication with parents
  • Ensure that every parents have access to regular updates about their ward
  • Encourage parents to share and raise their concern regarding school and classroom
  • Allow parents to get involved as per the availability from their work & schedule
  • Understand language and cultural difference, in any

National Standards for Parent Involvement Program suggests following points:

  • Encourage active parent participation in student learning and student success
  • Conduct regular communication between school and home
  • Collaborate with parents to ensure learning environment is built and nurtured both at school and home
  • Always welcome parents to school and be open to their thoughts and suggestions
  • Give parents the charge to get involved in the decisions taken by institution

Welcome Parents

  • Create an environment that supports family involvement
  • Provide yardstick to evaluate mastery for a skill in every subject and every grade
  • Involve parents to share their hopes, visions and concerns to set goals for a student
  • Give away handouts, notes and interactive materials to involve both parents and students on certain tasks
  • Initiate classroom volunteer programs
  • Include a parent page on classroom website
  • Create parent resource center
  • Assign a helpline for home and students
  • Create a wish list to ensure timely fulfilment of desired objectives

There are very few systems that are well planned and designed to suit all your institution’s requirements year round. Our Campus has been designing and developing systems to suit the needs of the UK Education sector. Our system simplifies academic management while conveniently bringing administrators, teachers and students together on the same level of communication. Join hands with the next generation student information management system and get ahead with the advantage of simplified technologies. To know more write to us at Our Campus and we would be happy to guide you.

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Why There Is A Need Of Staff Management System In School, Colleges?

Why There Is A Need Of Staff Management System In School, Colleges?

Employee or Staff Management System integrates all employee data regarding leaves, salary, performance, etc. With just a click you can access all the details of an individual without having to refer and analyze heavy database from a system.

With employee management system an institution can organize employee information like photographs, qualification, experience, references, salary, address, contact information, marital status, attendance details and other important information as per the requirement of an institution. This system enables the management to track and analyze employee performance from time to time along with creating several reports that are crucial for academic performance.

Advantages of Employee Management System:

  • Maintains staff leaves with accuracy
  • Easily generate employee identity cards
  • Keeps a record of former and transferred employees
  • Manages teacher’s syllabus with date, subject, chapter, and remarks
  • Helps deployment of work among staff
  • Maintains data easily and facilitates exporting data in multiple formats
  • Calculates staff salary, pay slips, deduction, allowance, PF, leave reports, etc.
  • Ensures accuracy in payroll calculation and reduces time for preparing worksheets

Our Campus employee management system, college management software and institute management software comes with a stringent staff and employee management module. It allows the management of personal details, login details, salary, leave structure. Our Campus easily stores data and eliminates times and manpower involvement thereby improving productivity and performance. It streamlines complete staff management solutions for fluent institutional working through custom reports, timely notifications via emails and text messages regarding attendance salary and events.

Features of staff management system:

  • Staff management system records detailed information of staff
  • Helps track performance, behavior and attitudes
  • Easily customized as per the institution’s requirement and need
  • Keeps track of classes, sessions, events, programs conducted, timetables and logbooks
  • Provides a complete 360 degree view of the employees and their skills and strength areas
  • Helps in efficient recruiting
  • Provides end to end workforce management
  • Facilitates better collaboration within the organization
  • Delivers accurate evaluation and appreciation
  • Allows complete Payroll management


There are very few systems that are well planned and designed to suit all your institution’s requirements year round. Our Campus has been designing and developing staff management systems to suit the needs of the UK Education sector. Our system simplifies staff and employee management while conveniently bringing administrators, teachers and students together on the same level of communication. Join hands with the next generation student information management system and get ahead with the advantage of simplified technologies. To know more write to us at Our Campus and we would be happy to guide you.

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Course Scheduling Using Ourcampus

Course Scheduling Using Ourcampus Software

Our new course scheduling system is designed to simplify the overall learning management of a course. Experience the advantage of a well-planned course scheduling system that integrates ease and reduces complexity.

Why a course management system is needed?

Right from big universities to fresh institutes they are all relying on the technology to reduce their management’s workload. In this regard, the course management system is designed to reduce the hazards of manual scheduling and its tedious distribution process which even involves the use of paper and physical mediums of information distribution and not to forget the fact ‘to err is to human’.

With Our Campus Academic Scheduling Software an institution can simply plan and execute their course learning activities such as distribution of assignments, circulars and updates on the upcoming programs for students as per their requirements. These are a few aspects to help you maintain a better workflow for your course without spending much time in tedious manual scheduling process:

  • Encourages Interaction between Students and Faculties:The learning management system or course management system can be simply utilized to be a centralized repository for classroom learning material. It can also act as an outside classroom interaction system.
  • Develops exchange habits and cooperation among students: Learning evolves with the team, as a solo learning has certain limitations and learning with others enhances involvement in learning thereby giving better perspective to an individual’s mindset and opportunities to share knowledge, learning and growth.
  • Uses Active Learning Techniques: Involving instructional activities to let students do things and then think on what they are doing. Also emphasizes on student’s exploration of their own attitudes and values. For example, providing feedback on one another’s work through peer review.
  • Give and get prompt feedbacks: Automation being the key component of the learning management system, allows instructors to provide consistent and timely feedback to students using notifications and emails to remind and update them from time to time.
  • Sets realistic timelines for tasks: Adding realistic timelines to certain tasks speeds up the work process both for students and faculties.Astime management is crucial both students and professionals, the effective time management involves timely completion of assignment thereby ensuring effective learning and efficient growth for an individual
  • Communicates high expectations: Effective learning management system encourages communication within a classroom, and the update on certain task to make sure others see each other’s performance thereby raising the expectations bar for the overall classroom.
  • Respects diverse talents, perspectives and ways of learning: This system allows as much time needed to achieve mastery in a subject, with custom pace and instructions. Let’s teachers to be a knowledge facilitator rather than the source of knowledge which makes students learn and be better.



There are very few systems that are well planned and designed to suit all your institution’s requirements year round. Our Campus has been designing and developing systems to suit the needs of the UK Education sector. Our Course Scheduling system simplifies academic scheduling while conveniently bringing administrators, teachers and students together on the same learning plank. Join hands with the next generation student information management system and get ahead with the advantage of simplified technologies. To know more write to us at Our Campus and we would be happy to guide you.

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