Role of Teachers in The Development of a Student’s Life

Role of Teachers in The Development of a Student's Life

The most important role in the lives of students in their classroom is Teacher’s. The teachers bear the responsibility of educating the children placed in their care. Although they play many other important roles in the classroom, teachers set the classroom tone, add some warmth to the environment, mentor and nurture student minds while being their role model, even listening to their problems and look for any signs of trouble in their learning as well as personal lives.

Imparting Knowledge

The main common role of a teacher remains teaching and opening minds of children. Usually, a curriculum is followed by the teacher which is set by the state guidelines. The curriculum helps in followed a defined path to ensure all important learning are imparted to the students during a session. Teachings happen in different ways such as through lectures, small group activities and hands-on learning activities.

Setting the Classroom Environment

Teachers are also important in setting the tone of the classroom when it comes to the environment. Usually, students mimic teachers. A warm and happy environment helps in maintaining healthy and happy environment for better and focused learning. A teacher could make the environment positive or negative. If the students sense anger in the teacher, they may react negatively and can impair the learning. Teachers are responsible for social behaviour in the classrooms. The behaviour is primarily a reflection of the actions of teachers and the environment set by them.

Becoming a Role Model

Teacher’s themselves don’t consider a role model, however they are the first role models of any student. While spending time through learning, experimenting and growing with time teacher often plays inspiring roles among children. Teachers do not only teach children but also give them love and care to grow and nurture their minds. Societies and communities highly respect teachers and they become role model for students and parents.


Mentoring comes naturally to the teachers, whether intentional or not. Mentoring also instills positive or negative effects on the children. It helps in encouraging students to make efforts for the best they can do. It also includes encouraging students to enjoy learning. A crucial part of mentoring is listening to the students. By taking time to listen to what students have to say, teacher impart a sense a ownership in the classroom. It apart from other elements helps in building their confidence and making them successful.

Looking for the Signs of Trouble

The most crucial part of a teacher’s role is being a protector. Teachers are taught to look for the signs of trouble in the students. In case of signs of behavioural change or physical signs of abuse are noticed, teachers must investigate the problem. Teachers must follow specified procedure to ensure following up on all signs of trouble.

Teachers are looked up as the leaders who are building minds and future of the students. As their primary role the teachers are responsible in ensuring a good learning and growing environment for a bright future of the nation.