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Application Management System: Handling Last Minute Admissions and more

Application Management System by Our Campus software

Students start submitting applications at the very last moment of admission season which becomes hectic for Management. Be it any stream in education domain, there has been a proven record of expected burden which comes to them at the time of admission.

Here’s a sneak peak at statistics of one of our client institution’s application process. They had the smoothest experience in toughest times of admission with OurCampus Student Management System. Out of total applications received, 80% happened on the last date and maximum at the last hour. In which the Management admitted that without Our Campus’s admission management system it would have been a nightmare for their staff to process such huge number of applications in no given time.

Application Management System by Our Campus has been providing solutions to various institutions and organizations for a long time. Our experience taught us to prepare and upgrade the system as per the requirement of our clients from time to time. It allows to manage admissions easily along with student’s basic details, contact information, nationality, academic background, fee history and submitted or pending documents, along with other important fields.

The system is capable of managing complete cycle right from the generated enquiries to current students and the alumni database. This system’s objective is to deliver consistent support to the administration department of institution along with facilitating students to quickly and easily apply and track status of their application.

Handling Last Minute Admissions and more with Our Campus Software

Find the complete details of Application Management System for schools and colleges

  • Round the clock Online System
  • Worldwide Access
  • Manage Complete Admission Process
  • More time for productive works
  • More User Friendly

Our Campus Application Management System Advantage:

  • Round the clock Online System

  • Ability to access and process data anytime for administration department. It allows students to apply and review their application anytime.

  • Worldwide Access

  • The administration and students can access system from anywhere even using their mobile. It also has a feature to restrict access of information and data as per assigned rights.

  • Manage Complete Admission Process

  • The Admission Department can view and maintain data for complete life cycle of a student, as a prospect, student and even as an alumni.

  • More time for productive works

  • The Administration Department gets more time to focus on the essentials and save on an institution’s overheads by avoiding piles of paperwork with faster processing of applications.

  • More User Friendly

  • The system is developed with simplicity to ensure no IT capability is required to understand and operate it. Just the basic computer knowledge is sufficient to ensure better efficiency. Our Campus simplifies the application management and aligned processes for better convenience of administration, teachers, students and management.

Now you can easily implement a system which integrates admissions, fees, assessment and performance, attendance, staff, library and all other important aspects of student management at one place.For more information on how better we can assist you in streamlining your institution management or school management with the help of one single customized system write to us at

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Why School, College Need Admission Management System 2019

Why School, College Need Admission Management System 2019

Are you a school or a college struggling to manage large number of student admission process through conventional methods?

If yes then don’t worry. Student admission management system software like Our Campus offer seamlessly easy to use tools that can resolve your important school management task i.e. student admission. Admission Management System allows you to manage the admissions easily along with student’s basic details, emergency contact information, immigration details, academic history, fee details’ and documents are submitted or pending, etc.

The system can manage data starting from potential enquiry up till after the students pass out from the institute. The major purpose for the development of the system is to provide support to administrative department of the institution, also the students to make the admission procedure faster and easier.

Advantages Of Admission Management System Software

Let us take a look at some of the advantage of the admission management system:

  • 24 x 7 Online software system:
    The administrative department can access and work on the system anytime.
  • Worldwide access:
    One can access the system from anywhere in the world using mobile as well. Also functionality to provide restricted access is also available.
  • Handle complete admission process:
    The admission department can manage all the data right from they receive an enquiry until after the student passes out of the institution.
  • Reduces Paperwork:
    No piles of forms and other paperwork. This saves a lot of institution resources.
  • User friendly system:
    One does not need to be an IT professional to handle the system, only basic computer knowledge is required. UI provided is extremely easy to use.

These are some basic benefits of the system. There is a long list of advantages of it and I am sure, the features of the system will help one to understand more about the need of the online system.

Features of Student Admission Management System

  • Admission Features of Student Admission Management SystemManagement

    The aim of the system is to support admissions from the moment a potential applicant becomes interested in the institution to the time they pass out from the Institute. It saves 70% of administration’s time on the admission process and also tracks students as alumni.

  • Fee Management System

    Our fee management system software ensures the hassle-free and paperless fee management. The institute can receive fees and generate receipt from the system, create fees installments, give discounts and add fine & charges which will be directly reflected under the ledger of the student’s profile.

  • Assessment Management System with Grading System

    To build and sustain the integrity of Institute, one needs a fair evaluation and student appraisal system. The faculty can upload assignments with deadlines and can give them grades after the student submits through their portal.

  • Attendance Management

    Attendance management is most vital requirement of any Institution. Now a days all institutions also grade students as per their attendance percentage. This system will allow one to keep a track on the students attendance with a good biometric integration as well as reporting system.

  • Staff Management

    Schools not only have the students but also institutions need to manage their staff whether teaching or non-teaching. The admission management system also allows you manage and store all details related to the staff, including the leaves and documents.

  • Library Management

    Every Institution includes Library in their campus and it is very important to manage all the books issued, reissued and received and relevant fines incurred. The system must allow one to work on all these aspects to make the everyday library work easier.

The above are some major features of the system that are a must to be look upon while dealing with an admission management system. An institution requires more than the above and there is one system that fulfils all these plus can be customised as per the requirement of the Institution.

Our Campus – It simplifies the school and college processes while conveniently bringing administrators, teachers, and students together. It features components for computing, compiling and managing finances, student records & other institute management processes, all in one place.

To get more information about the system you can take a look at our website or contact us at

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